Eminem to Reunite with D12


Eminem has revealed plans to reunite with rap collective D12 for the first time in five years.

Just weeks after releasing his long-awaited album, the Dr. Dre-produced Relapse, the rapper told BET television show Rap City that his Detroit collective were making plans to head into the studio in the near future [via NME.com].

“Me and the guys, we got a bond, it’s special,” he said. “As far as the future of D-12, we’re gonna be back in the studio soon.”

Eminem famously retreated from the spotlight in 2006 following the death of his best friend and fellow D12 member Proof, but has revealed that the move to reunite with the group is motivated by what he feels his fallen friend would want him to do.

“I think this is what Proof always wanted,” he said. “For me to go crazy again.”


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