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Artist Interviews from Bonnaroo: Day 2


At Bonnaroo’s Budweiser Troo Music Lounge, a little oasis where fans cool off, browse the internet, and have a cold one, up-and-coming acts took the stage for their featured Bonnaroo sets. And in between those sets, SPIN invited bands from around the festival to sit down for interviews with our own Peter Gaston.

Friday’s chats included guitar whiz Kaki King, who talked about working with Timbaland and whether Trent Reznor’s getting soft; rootsy up-and-comers Everest, who recounted tales of opening for Neil Young and what they learned from him on the road; and French popsters Phoenix, who answered loads of fan questions, battled crowd noise from nearby hockey fans watching the final minutes of the Stanley Cup Finals, and took a phone call from singer Thomas Mars, whose travel delays almost made him miss the band’s late-night set.

Check back to for more interviews from Bonnaroo tomorrow and Monday, and, if you’re at the festival, be sure to come by and see us!