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Yusuf Islam Accuses Coldplay of Plagiarism


Legendary folk singer Yusum Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) has something in common with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.

No, Islam isn’t joining the Sammy Hagar-fronted supergroup Chickenfoot. But he is the latest to accuse Coldplay of copying his song.

Islam attests that his 1970s tune “Foreigner Suite” is the basis for Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Satriani has also claimed that the hit tune plagiarizes his song “If I Could Fly.”

“There’s been this argument about Coldplay stealing this melody from Joe Satriani, but, if you listen to it, it’s mine! It’s ‘Foreigner Suite,’ it is!” Islam insisted in an interview with The Sun.

Unlike Satriani, Islam has had prior success with allegations like these: In 2003 the Flaming Lips agreed to split royalties for their song “Fight Test” after it was deemed to sonically resemble the Cat Stevens hit “Father And Son.”

But from the sound of things, it’s “share and share alike” as far as Islam is concerned: “I used Coldplay’s mixer, Michael H. Brauer on [new album] Roadsinger, he’s brilliant,” he said, adding, “He won a Grammy for their record.”