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News’s Best of the Week


SPIN cover stars No Doubt played their first concert in five years this week, kicking off a massive summer reunion tour.Meanwhile, SPIN traveled to New Jersey’s Bamboozle Festival (and got all wet), Green Day unveiled plans to broadcast an intimate New York City show over the Internet, and SPIN’s Charles Aaron took Eminem’s latest music video to task.

All these, plus the week’s photo galleries, news, audio/video, and reviews, below.TOP STORIES:

No Doubt Play First Show in 5 Years

Gwen Stefani and Co. are back! Get the scoop on their loaded-with-hits comeback set in Atlantic City.Read >>PLUS:

  • Green Day to Broadcast Free Concert Online Read >>
  • Eminem’s New Video: Random and Embarrassing?Read >>
  • Bamboozle: The Good, the Bad & the Soggy Read >>


Best of the Bamboozle Festival!

See 36 pics of Fall Out Boy, No Doubt, Asher Roth, Taking Back Sunday, and more from New Jersey’s rockin’est emopalooza!!Read >>PLUS:

  • No Doubt: Reunion Tour Opening Weekend Read >>
  • Patrick Wolf: Intimate NYC Performance Read >>


New Video: U2’s ‘Magnificent’

The Irish superstars perform their latest single in Morocco as giant sheets fly above an ancient city! Watch here.Read >>PLUS:

  • Watch: Trent Reznor Slags Prince and Weezer, Tears UpRead >>
  • Listen to the Beastie Boys’ New SongRead >>
  • Download: Wilco and Feist Cover Woody GuthrieRead >>
  • Watch: The Streets Fight Swine Flu Zombies Read >>


Rihanna Cancels Comeback Concert

The R&B star says that the timing’s just not right. Click here for details!Read >>PLUS:

  • White Stripes Record Songs for New AlbumRead >>
  • M.I.A. Hangs Out with Oprah!Read >>
  • Yusuf Islam Accuses Coldplay of Plagiarism Read >>
  • Sneak Peek: Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, David Lynch’s Dark NightRead >>


Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Outer South

Bright-eyed bandleader in overgenerous mood.Read >>PLUS:

  • St. Vincent, ‘Actor’ (4AD)Read >>
  • Akron/Family, Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free (Dead Oceans)Read >>
  • Fischerspooner, Entertainment (FS Studios)Read >>
  • Ben Harper and Relentless7, White Lies for Dark Times (Virgin)Read >>
  • The Horrors, Primary Colours (XL)Read >>
  • Isis, Wavering Radiant (Ipecac)Read >>
  • New York Dolls, Cause I Sez So (Atco/Rhino)Read >>
  • Cracker, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey (429) Read >>
  • Peaches, I Feel Cream (XL)Read >>
  • Kevin Devine, ‘Brother’s Blood’ (Favorite Gentlemen)Read >>
  • Magik Markers, Balf Quarry (Drag City)Read >>
  • Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms, Wooden Arms (Secret City)Read >>