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New Song: Interpol Frontman Goes Solo


As you may recall, Interpol frontman Paul Banks is preparing to release his solo debut under the nom de tune Julian Plenti. The album, titled Skyscraper, doesn’t drop until August 4 — but you can hear its first single now!

“Fun That We Have” is a dark, rockin’ track with menacing electric guitars, ambient electronic sounds, and Banks’, ahem, Plenti’s piercing wail: “All the fun that we have come for / You came along with your shaky knees / And you came with fire,” he sings. Sounds like this “shaky kneed” fellow spoiled the “fun.” Nobody likes a party pooper, not even Banks (damn!), Plenti.

It’s certainly darker, weirder, and more spare than anything Interpol’s ever done. Which has us wondering: Seriously, Mr. Plenti, what’s up with that “vital” next Interpol album y’all have been working on?

Is it time for Banks to return to his day job? Listen to “Fun That We Have,” then tell us what you think the comment section below.

LISTEN: Julian Plenti, “Fun That We Had”