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Full Video: Eminem’s Murderous Rampage


Bed-wetters, beware: Eminem’s bloody new music video is downright nightmarish!

The clip for Em’s new single “3 A.M.,” from his May 19 album, Relapse, is chock full of dead bodies, creepy forest scenes, and shots of Em brandishing a butcher’s knife while streaks of blood move up (that’s right, up) the walls. Hey, as he rhymes in the song: “I’m just a hooligan, who’s used to using hallucinogens / Bodies laying all over the floor / I don’t remember how they got there / I guess I killed them.”

We’re officially spooked.

Watch the whole video below. Then sleep with the lights turned on in the comments section.

WATCH: Eminem, “3 A.M.”