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While their roots trace back to the post-millennial Long Island, NY, emo scene that spawned Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, Nightmare of You always sounded like they’d spent their youth on another island — England. And that blend of Merseybeat pop, jangly Madchester guitars, and frontman Brandon Reilly’s sly croon matures to adulthood on “I Think I’m Getting Older,” the first song released from Infomaniac, the quartet’s forthcoming album, out July 21.

The song — available for download below — is a succinct, sub-three-minute jaunt, where Reilly’s plaintive observations about going through a quarter-life crisis are punctuated by a surging chorus, anchored by a crystal-clear, Strokes-y riff and a solitary lament: “Oh my God, I think I’m getting older.”

Reilly tells SPIN.com that the lyrics sprung from a particularly tough year in his life, which influenced his writing both on this song, and the album as a whole. “I had a really hard time confronting that I was technically closer to 30 than 20,” he recalls. “Looking back on it now, I feel very silly and childish for feeling that way because it’s truly not that big of deal on the bigger scale of existence… I’m a lot happier now at 28 than when I was in my early twenties.”

Like “I Think I’m Getting Older,” Infomaniac takes a bit of an older person’s worldview as well. “The album title is inspired by the times and generation we are currently living in… Everybody needs to know everything about everything and everyone at all times,” Reilly explains. “We can only hope that people will cut down on their useless information cravings and step away from their computers, embrace literature, and go outside and experience the wonders and miracles of nature.”

Fans can go outside and catch Nightmare of You on tour right now. They wrap a string of dates opening for Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day tomorrow night in Detroit, then kick off their own tour June 19 in Washington, DC. Check out their MySpace for a full list of dates.

LISTEN: Nightmare Of You, “I Think I’m Getting Older”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


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