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New Albums from Doves, Lady Sov, and 12 More


Here’s a rundown of the essential albums available online and in record stores today:

Doves, Kingdom of Rust
Imagine Chris Martin if Gwyneth shafts him.
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Lady Sovereign, Jigsaw
Ex-prodigy spits like an around-the-way gal.
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Bat For Lashes, Two Suns
Ex-nursery-school teacher weeps over book of love.
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The Thermals, Now We Can See
Punk’s peppiest diehards scream from the grave.
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Black Dice, Repo
Whimsical noiseniks lock the door and wail.
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Crystal Antlers, Tentacles
Riff-roiling psych crew takes circuitous route.
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Telekinesis, Telekinesis!
Seattle drummer-guitarist finds hooky sweet spot.
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Micachu and the Shapes, Jewellry
Dizzily constructed debut catches a fitful groove.
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The Felice Brothers, Yonder Is the Clock
Former subway buskers bring it all back home.
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Richard Swift, The Atlantic Ocean
West Coast piano man ready for the spotlight?
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Joker’s Daughter, The Last Laugh
Spooky Brothers Grimm grooves from Brit folkie.
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Single File, Common Struggles
Well-groomed trio flash their cheeky charms.
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Junior Boys, Begone Dull Care
Fussily polished synth pop loses its quirky flair.
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Jadakiss, The Last Kiss
Combat-tested MC struggles off battlefield.
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