Man Man Tap ‘SNL’ Star for New Video


Man Man’s latest music video is like a low-budget indie noir version of Thriller-meets-Teen Wolf, starring SNL funnyman Fred Armisen, Charlyne Yi of Knocked Up, and… the Ice Cream Man!?!

The video for “Rabbit Habits,” the title track from the band’s latest release, starts off with Armisen seducing a nerdy girl (played by Yi) over a meal in a boxcar diner. But soon the romance turns to horror: Yi transforms into a She-Wolf, scares off Armisen, and then goes crazy; she licks a bunny rabbit and even chews on a human limb!

As for the Ice Cream Man (who, in real life, travels the world giving away free ice cream!): Here he’s serving up cute little animals in a cone, while the old-timey piano-driven track plays in the background and band frontman Honus Honus growls offbeat lyrics like, “You’re an elegant little pelican / And all your sorrows are stacked amongst your nest of friends.”

It’s a little weird and a lot awesome. Watch below. Then tell us what you think in the comments section.

WATCH: Man Man, “Rabbit Habits”


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