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Kanye + Leto + Killers = ???


Kanye West has recorded a new track with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, after Flowers swung by the rapper’s studio and apparently interrupted a work in progress between West and actor-cum-30 Seconds to Mars rocker Jared Leto.

“I WAS WORKING ON THIS DOPE ASS SONG WITH JARED AND BRANDON STOPPED BY,” ‘Ye wrote on his blog alongside photographic evidence of the collabo (above). Kanye added that he played the two rockers some of the new beats he made for Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, then, “BEFORE EVERYBODY BOUNCED, BRANDON HOPPED ON THE KEYBOARD AND I HOPPED ON THE MPC [type of drum machine.]”

There are no plans yet to release the song, but West wrote: “SHIT WAS DOPE.” The fashionista MC also commented on Flowers’ killer style: “YES, THOSE ARE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS ON BRANDON’S SHIRT BY DRIESVAN NOTEN.”

As West mentioned during his all-star set at Austin’s SXSW last month, he is currently in the studio working on his follow up to 2008’s 808’s and Heartbreak.