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SPIN Picks 7 Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen


Recently, SPIN and music community website Sonicbids teamed up to bring worthy new bands the attention they deserve. Tonight at midnight (EST), Boston radio station WFNX will broadcast the sixth installment of the SPIN/Sonicbids Emerging Artists’ Showcase, featuring seven cool unsigned bands from around the world, hand-picked by staffers from more than 500 submissions. (Tune in to 101.7 FM in the Boston area or listen live online via Scroll down to meet these up-and-comers, snag a song from each, and click their website links to find out more!

Click here to discover the bands from earlier episodes!


Hometown: Los Angeles
Recommended if you like: the Verve, Snow Patrol
Why we picked them: Swooning guitar-rock that sounds like it was plucked straight from a ’90s alternative radio station (in a good way).Listen: Blackcowboy, “Come On”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: Montreal
Recommended if you like: Asobi Seksu, Tori Amos
Why we picked them: Melodic shoegaze that perfectly complements singer Sophie Ayotte’s light, high-pitched vocals.Listen: Blueyes, “Chocolate”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Danny Valentine & the Meditations

Hometown: London
Recommended if you like: Hercules and Love Affair, Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Why we picked them: A tasty combination of skittering disco beats, squelching electro, and shout-along choruses — antagonistic and groovy!Listen: Danny Valentine & the Meditations, “Yr Jb”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: United Kingdom
Recommended if you like: Franz Ferdinand, Ladytron
Why we picked them: Charmingly low-rent beats paired up with swaggering British post-punk sexuality — perfect for your next night out.Listen: DVNC, “It Doesn’t Matter If It Is Lies”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Frame 3-13

Hometown: Wales
Recommended if you like: Hoobastank, Plain White T’s
Why we picked them: Radio-ready pop choruses paired with crunchy guitars — the ideal soundtrack to a party scene in a teen movie.Listen: Frame 3-13, “Will You Sort Me Out!?”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

This Reporter

Hometown: New York
Recommended if you like: Kate Bush, Bright Eyes
Why we picked them: Nakedly confessional lyrics, paired with ambient atmospherics and guitarist/vocalist Jennifer Curtis’ quivering voice.Listen: This Reporter, “Letter”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: Austin, TX
Recommended ifyou like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth
Why we picked them: Snarling guitars, catchy melodies, and a sense of NYC cool — straight from Texas!Listen: Ume, “The Conductor”(DOWNLOAD MP3)