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New Song: Bat for Lashes, Live!


On Natasha Khan’s second record as Bat for Lashes, Two Suns (out April 7), the British art-pop singer/songwriter weaves a studio-spun tapestry of Kate Bush-esque melodies and hypnotic instrumental loops — but how does it sound live?Find out for yourself by listening to a concert version of Two Suns opener “Glass” below.

The track was recorded during Bat for Lashes’opening set for Radiohead in June 2008 at Nimes, France — and it captures the album version’s essence perfectly, down to the pounding drums and Khan’s otherworldly vocals. And the “Mexican wave” that Khan mentions before she launches into the song?That’s British slang for “the wave” — you know, that thing you do at sporting events when you’re bored?

Stream the song below. Then talk about “the wave” (or whatever else you want) in the comments section.

LISTEN: Bat For Lashes, “Glass”