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Interpol Recording New Album with “Vital” Sound


Interpol have started working on a new album — and according to a website post, the quartet have returned to the studio with a new vitality and musical balance.

“Cherished Interpudlians, It’s been a long time. We shouldn’t have left you.” the band says. “We feel like a new band. We are rehearsing new songs. We find ourselves marveling at the tremendous focus that has defined our early rehearsals for this, our fourth effort.”

According to the post, the former SPIN cover boys‘ new material has no concept — unlike bassist Carlos D’s film project about “sick” celebs. “There is rarely any intention to this process,” they admit. “We just make the music.”

As for the new material’s sound? “Without going into too much detail, the songs sound vital. It’s as though we’ve hit upon a balance between our urgency and our calm. And true to our better work, this is music that unravels over time.”