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Recently, SPIN and music community website Sonicbids teamed up to bring worthy new bands the attention they deserve. Tonight at midnight (EST), Boston radio station WFNX will broadcast the fifth installment of the SPIN/Sonicbids Emerging Artists’ Showcase, featuring eight cool unsigned bands from around the world, hand-picked by SPIN.com staffers from more than 500 submissions. (Tune in to 101.7 FM in the Boston area or listen live online via wfnx.com). Scroll down to meet these up-and-comers, snag a song from each, and click their website links to find out more!

Click here to discover the bands from earlier episodes!

Meateye & Dillon

Hometown: London
Recommended if you like… Kings of Convenience, Nick Drake
Why we picked them: Understated acoustic balladry layered with earnest vocal harmonies. Tailor-made for tea time on a rainy day.
Listen: Meateye & Dillon, “Bad Things on My Own”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

The Hole Punch Generation

Hometown: Boston
Recommended if you like… Mew, M83
Why we picked them: Thick, oozy shoegaze riffs cut with syrupy, demure vocals. Heavy enough for the rawkers, delicate enough for the bedroom.
Listen: Hole Punch Generation, “Shallow” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

Cellophane Flowers

Hometown: London
Recommended if you like… The Magic Numbers, the Beautiful South
Why we picked them: Italian-born singer Francesca Corradini coos like Lily Allen, if the pop tart had been raised on the Mediterranean.
Listen: Cellophane Flowers, “If I Was A Girl” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

The Motion Sick

Hometown: Boston
Recommended if you like… The Rentals, Fountains of Wayne
Why we picked them: SPIN.com Artist of the Day alums from back in ’06, this outfit retooled its nerd rock bombast into something far more refined.
Listen: The Motion Sick, “Winged Bicycle”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: San Francisco
Recommended if you like… Throwing Muses, Dressy Bessy
Why we picked them: Where have all the indie rock princesses gone? Jen Chochinov is cut from the same cloth as Liz Phair and Tanya Donelly.
Listen: Schande, “Return of the Return” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

Patrick Leonard

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Recommended if you like… Wilco, Hymns
Why we picked them: Laid-back, summery rock’n’roll with no frills and no fuss.
Listen: Patrick Leonard, “No One Else” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

So Shush

Hometown: Manchester, UK
Recommended if you like… My Brightest Diamond, Cocteau Twins
Why we picked them: We can’t help but get nostalgic and reach for hairspray and skinny ties when listening to this duo’s new wave-y vibe.
Listen: So Shush, “People Need Something” (DOWNLOAD MP3)

Low Red Land

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Recommended if you like… Minus the Bear, Two Gallants
Why we picked them: This trio stirs indie rock’s dull roots, layering sounds from a Chinese menu of influences without losing focus.
Listen: Low Red Land, “Dog’s Hymn” (DOWNLOAD MP3)


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