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Puscifer Perform First Live Gig


Maynard James Keenan couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to debut his Puscifer live show than Sin City. His performance — a variety show featuring a revolving group of musicians and performers, complete with comedy skits both onstage and onscreen — was pure Las Vegas.

The first of a sold-out three-night stand at the 2,500-capactiy Pearl Theatre began with a Patton-like video intro from Keenan as character Major Douche, followed by a cast of performers (including comedian Brian Posehn) asking the rhetorical question, “What is Puscifer?”

Things got even more meta as two performers dressed as a nun and priest acted out their own variety show onstage, in a talk-show-style lounge setting. Keenan, in a velour tracksuit with the word “Jesus” embossed on the butt, joined them as evangelist Neil Suckit. It was only after these characters broke out into song with “Sour Grapes” that some semblance of a traditional concert finally surfaced.

The oddball chaos onstage seemed to throw off more than a few audience members. Others, however, whooped in praise.

As Puscifer settled into concert mode — only one more set of comedy vignettes aired during the 90-minute show — one could finally assess the musicians’ prowess without distraction. Rhythm section Gil and Rani Sharone kept things hypnotic and funky, especially during “Trekka.” Guest singer (and gorgeous actress) Milla Jovovich sang impressively during “The Mission.” And when he wasn’t Twittering on the couch, Primus’s Tim Alexander commanded a second drum kit.

And Keenan himself was in fine voice, whether in affected baritone or the evocative tenor he often employs in his two other bands, Tool and A Perfect Circle. In fact, this was a rare opportunity to see the multi-faceted artist exhibit his every creative impulse at once. It might not have made total sense, but then again, harmony is the last thing you’d expect from Maynard James Keenan.

Puscifer setlist:

(Video segment #1)
“Sour Grapes”
“Rev 22:20”
(Video segment #2)
“Drunk With Power”
“The Undertaker”
“Vagina Mine”
“Momma Sed”
(Video segment #3)
“Polar Bear”
“Indigo Children”
“The Mission”
“Queen Bee”

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Puscifer / Photo by Bill Hughes

Puscifer / Photo by Bill Hughes

Puscifer / Photo by Bill Hughes

Opening act Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival / Photo by Bill Hughes

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