OMFG: No Doubt to Perform on ‘Gossip Girl’


As No Doubt’s 1995 hit Tragic Kingdom proved, Gwen Stefani is no stranger to a little drama in the boy department. Which is obvs why Blair and Serena, the boy-crazed, wildly-spoiled high school student protagonists of hit series Gossip Girl, invited Stefani and the boys to perform on the show. After all, Blair and Serena are totally, like, real people and they totes need some face with Gwen.

According to a post on No Doubt’s website, the band will make an appearance on the series’ May 11 episode (8 P.M. EST on the CW). Even more apt: The quartet will cover Adam and the Ants’ “Stand and Deliver,” which, coincidentally, speaks to class struggle, robbing the rich for the poor, and the plights of “easy fashion, the clumsy boots, peek-a-boo roots that people think so dashing.” Whew! That’ll, like, totally resonate on the Upper East Side!

Will Dan, Serena, and Dan’s dad, Rufus, all stumble into a punk concert while chasing Nate’s coke-crazed dad? Will the band be a guest performer at a punk-themed party at Blair’s Park Avenue spread? Will those who could care less about Gossip Girl tune in anyway to see one of the first “live” glimpses of No Doubt in ’09? We can only wait and see.


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