New Video: Human Highway Get Deconstructed


Islands leader Nick Thorburn and singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie craft sunny and effortless melodies on Moody Motorcycle, their debut album as Human Highway out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. But with their new video, the boys put a dark, mind-boggling twist on the album’s best song, the catchy-as-hell, jingle-like “The Sound.”

As staccato acoustic guitar strums, xylophone, and the duo’s vocal melodies breeze by, Thorburn and Guthrie’s faces are disassembled amidst a dark abyss of random geometric shapes. It was directed Olivier Groulx, the man behind the Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror” video, which explains the dark tones, filmic vibe, and, to some extent, the abundance of geometric shapes.

It’s trippy. But even trippier: Human Highway posted an interactive version of the video, which allows viewers to construct or deconstruct Thorburn’s face. Click here to get interactive with “The Sound” music video, Mr. Potato Head-style.

Like what you see? Catch Human Highway on their first-ever proper tour this March. Visit their MySpace page for a complete itinerary.

Watch: Human Highway, “The Sound”


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