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New Video: Depeche Mode’s High Speed Drama


Just 55 days into 2009 and the Depeche Mode’s music video for “Wrong,”the first single off their new album, Sounds of the Universe, is already one of the year’s best. But that doesn’t mean the clip, directed by Patrick Daughters (Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), isn’t seriously unsettling.

A man, whose face is concealed in a mask that resembles an anonymous human face, is bound in the drivers’ seat of a car, which is speeding backwards through dark city streets. Then some really freaky stuff happens.

The music video for “Wrong” is the latest dispatch from the legendary synth-pop trio, who recently told about their upcoming tour and album.

Check out the video below. And please, people, wear your seatbelts.

Watch: Depeche Mode, “Wrong”