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Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan to Collaborate?


Could Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan be the new Paris and Nicole or, er,Paris and Paul McCartney? What we mean is, they’re totally BFF and they’re totally gonna sing about it.

According to a source quoted by U.K. tabloid The Sun, the pair are planning to record tracks together while on holiday in the Bahamas with Lohan’s DJ girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. “They’ve discussed making a record together, possibly at a pre-arranged studio, while they’re away,” the source said.

It makes sense — the girls have a ton in common. Matching “Shhh…” tattoos? Check. An affinity for the ladies? Check. They’re SO similar, in fact, that you could almost mistake them for… mischievous, scheming (fraternal) twin sisters separated at birth! Awww! It’s just like the remake of that Disney classic we love so much.