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Libertines Talk Reunion


Move over Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon: You’re not the only tempestuous Brit rock pair making musical amends — it appears the Libertines are reuniting, too!

Co-frontmen Carl Barat and Pete Doherty — who broke up the band in 2004 — recently sat down with NME Radio‘s Neil Cole, and quickly corrected the DJ when he announced he was talking to the duo that used to be known as the Libertines. “You have got the Libertines in front of you,” quipped Barat. “What are you talking about?”

Barat, who recently called it quits with his post-Libertines project Dirty Pretty Things, sounds ready to be in his old rock band all over again: “I hate working alone. It’s boring and I struggle with it. I do miss the support of being in a band.”

Meanwhile, Doherty explained that he’s got all kinds of plans — including a Libertines reunion: “I’ve written and recorded a solo record,” he told NME. “There’s probably another on the way, there’s an amazing [Babyshambles] record on the way, and the Libertines is gonna happen in the next couple of years, by hook or by crook.”

And according to an “insider” quoted in U.K. “newspaper” The Sun, co-frontmen Doherty and Barat have made amends for good. “Pete’s drug use and erratic behavior tore the [Libertines] apart and its demise left Carl heartbroken,” the source said. “He vowed not to return until his old best pal had sorted out his problems and, after having a lengthy heart-to-heart with him, he’s confident Pete has turned a corner. He is looking forward to working with him again.”

The Sun‘s source added that “Carl has always said he would not get back together just for the money.”

It seems like Doherty’s priority has always been the friendship too. What was that thing he said again while bragging about the “ridiculous” millions the Libertines were offered to headline the UK’s Reading festival? Oh yeah: “Let’s be friends!” Doherty enthused. “Friends who go and make lots of money.”