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Exclusive Song: Felice Brothers’ Roughneck Sound


Do you love Bob Dylan and the Band? If so, you’ll love roughneck up-and-comers the Felice Brothers, who will release their new album, Yonder Is The Clock, April 7. But why wait? has the record’s lead single, “Penn Station,” right here, right now!

The Felice Brothers, who had a banner ’08 with an acclaimed album and an excellent show at Bonnaroo, get raucous on the track, which features all three brothers — Ian, James, and Simone — contributing their whisky-throated vocals. The sound fits the mold — after all, the Brothers did record the new record in their rural Upstate, NY, studio, which they built with scraps from an abandoned chicken coop. Yehaw!

Listen: The Felice Brothers, “Penn Station”

Yonder Is The Clock tracklist:
1. “The Big Surprise”
2. “Penn Station”
3. “Buried In Ice”
4. “Chicken Wire”
5. “Ambulance Man”
6. “Sailor Song”
7. “Katie Dear”
8. “Run Chicken Run”
9. “All When We Were Young”
10. “Boy from Lawrence County”
11. “Memphis Flu”
12. “Cooperstown”
13. “Rise and Shine”