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Exclusive New Video from The Boy Least Likely To


The Boy Least Likely To (a British twee pop duo, not a solitary person) don’t want to be rock stars. Instead, as indicated in their new tune “Balloon on a Broken String,” they’d prefer to be “big fat balloons,” the kind of balloons they chase around the English countryside in their brand new music video.

Over the catchy, sunny pop tune’s acoustic guitar, drums, and xylophone, multi-instrumentalist Pete Hobbs and singer/songwriter Jof Owen chase loose balloons across the countryside with an antique racecar an airplane.”Balloons” comes from the duo’s forthcoming SPIN-approved sophomore effort, The Law of the Playground (out March 3).

Do they finally achieve their inflated dreams? Find out in the video below!

Watch: The Boy Least Likely To, “Balloon on a Broken String”