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Exclusive MP3: Big Business’ Aural Assault


Whether you rock oldschool metal (Iron Maiden) or new (Queens of the Stone Age) you need to hear the first cut from Big Business’ upcoming third album, Mind the Drift (due in April).

Not only did Big Business open for iconic rockers the Melvins’ recent U.S. tour, but Jared Warren and Coady Willis also filled out the Melvins’ lineup every night, sharing the stage with King Buzzo and Dale Crover.

After the tour ended, Warren, Willis, and guitarist Toshi Kasai put the final touches on Mind the Drift. With “Gold and Final,” available here for download, the trio organizes a head-banging assault, with snarling bass and cymbal smashes underpinning Warren’s burly shouts and Kasai’s piercing detours into grandiose metal riffs.

Listen: Big Business, “Gold and Final”(DOWNLOAD MP3)