Elton John to Appear on New Eminem Album?


We’re expecting to see a lot of Eminem’s old friends on his new album.

50 Cent, for instance, has been less-than-shy about his contributions, and Dr. Dre is producing the project. But a certain prone-to-sequins-someone from Eminem’s past who we weren’texpecting to see on Relapse could be making an appearance: Sir Elton John, who was spotted at the Ferndale, MI, studio where Relapse is being recorded. [Via The Independent]

“He stayed half a week,” a witness said of John’s visit to the studio. “No one realized the significance, though the Detroit Free Press did mention that Elton had been in town. The pair worked together before, doing a duet at the Grammys, and had always said that they’d record something original together.”

That’s right! Remember the media frenzy surrounding the pair’s “Stan” duet in 2001? Those were the days.

“Em has huge respect for Elton, and the feeling is mutual,” the source added. “Elton really gets his music. Anything they produce will be total dope: some of Em’s biggest records have been collaborations with mainstream pop stars — Dido on ‘Stan’, for example — and they really don’t come much bigger, or more mainstream, than the man with the red piano.”

So, we guess that means there could be some “Circle of Life” sampling on Relapse when it eventually comes out — which, according to Eminem’s label, is still TBD. “We’ve been told nothing about this record, and I mean nothing,” a source at Polydor said. “It’s top secret. In terms of timing, the plan is to release it between new records from 50 Cent and Dre, who are both also signed to Interscope. Whenever it comes out, it will be huge.”


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