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Video: Sara Quin on Her Favorite Novel

Our ongoing series of rockers talking about their favorite literary works continues with Sara Quin, one half of buzz band Tegan and Sara. Quin stopped by SPIN’s New York offices to talk about one of her favorite novels, Richard Ford’s 1996 effort, Independence Day, about a middle-aged American everyman whose life unravels over a Fourth of July weekend. “I considered having a quote from the book tattooed on my body,” says Quin, who’s read the book three times.

Watch our video for more of Sara’s thoughts about Ford’s novel, which nabbed both a Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award, including how, while reading it, she broke down in a Montreal laundromat, and how it’s a sad work, but not in a baby-dying-dog-hit-by-car kind of way.

Watch: Sara Quin
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