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Sneak Peek: Smashing Pumpkins’ Super Bowl Song


Who says selling out has to be a bad thing? With their latest venture, a Hyundai Super Bowl commercial featuring an all-new tune, Smashing Pumpkins make selling out sound pretty darn good.

The song, “FOL,” was written by Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin for the car commercial “The Epic Lap,” which premieres before the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIII this Sunday. But why wait? has a clip you can watch now!

Our take on the tune: It’s mostly awesome. Start with distorted electric guitars, thunderous drum rolls, and Corgan’s nasal whine — then add layered vocals on the hook that have us “duh-duh-duh”-ing along Beavis and Butthead-style.

What do you think of the song? Post a comment below.