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Odd Couples: 50 Cent & Robbie Williams, Katy & Kitty Perry!


It’s official. Music really does bring people together. Usually, collaborations occur between the sonically likeminded, but recently a whole spree of batshit-crazy partnerships have popped up. So hold onto your hats and glasses folks, as we look at the latest odd couples to step inside the studio:

50 Cent and Robbie Williams: This pair had a well-publicized feud back in 2005 when the two were staying at the Ritz Hotel in Germany (seriously, who knew German hotels were so confrontation-prone?). According to reports from both sides it went something like this: Fiddy didn’t like Robbie’s rowdy fans and Robbie didn’t like Fiddy’s rowdy entourage. Well it seems that’s all water under the bridge now — according to the two will collaborate on a track for 50 Cent’s forthcoming LP Before I Self-Destruct.

Flea and the Faces: When Rod Stewart and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood announced they were reforming the Faces for the first album since 1973’s Ooh La La , we chalked it up to yet another instance of reunion-mania sweeping the music world. But we didn’t see this one coming: Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has been confirmed as the newest member of the reunited outfit. [via ]

Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, and Yusuf: The singer/songwriter formerly known as Cat Stevens — who changed his name to Yusuf after converting to Islam in 1977 — has enlisted some high-profile guests for his first non-religious album in 28 years [via]. Dolly Parton and Paul McCartney will appear on the yet-to-be titled release’s single “Boots and Sand,” which Yusuf wrote after being denied entry into the US in 2004, due to what was later attributed to a case of mistaken identity and heightened post-9/11 security measures. (Hmmm… seems like McCartney is the go-to guy when there’s touchy airport matters that need addressing, right Snoop?).

Katy Perry and her cat: Parry’s latest collaborator (read: kissing partner) is none other than her cat, Kitty Purry. “I’ve actually taken a vow of celibacy this year,” said the 24-year-old “I Kissed a Girl” singer, who recently split from longtime BF Travis McCoy. “No kissing anyone. Just my cat.” [Via Us Weekly]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a raccoon and a few chicks: Karen O. and Co. took to their website yesterday and used the help of a few furry friends to announce that It’s a Blitz will be the title of their third full-length album, due later this spring. “Just so everyone’s on the same page we want you all to know that we are releasing a BRAND NEW record this spring and drum roll please… we’ll let Geronimo the raccoon and the baby chicks take it away from here,” the post read. Click here for a visual of Geronimo, the baby chicks, and It’s a Blitz.