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New Song: TV on the Radio Cover David Bowie


Considering their artsy ambitions, pop prudence, and critical acclaim, it’s no stretch to say TV on the Radio play ball in the stadium David Bowie built. Which is probably why the Thin White Duke choose the Brooklyn rockers to cover his 1977 classic “Heroes” for the star-studded War Child benefit compilation.

TVOTR’s cover (below) transforms the R&B bass groove, buzzing guitars, and high-pitched yelps of Bowie’s original take into a soulful dancefloor hit by drowning frontman Tunde Adebimpe’s low croon in skittering drum machines, backing vocal melodies, and layers of ethereal guitar. It’s impossible to trump Bowie, but here TVOTR pay apt homage with a unique interpretation that’s likely finds the master smiling on his apprentice.

Listen: TV on the Radio, “Heroes”