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Kid Sister: “My Album Will Arrive When It’s Ready!”


True to her name, Kid Sister is only too happy to break mom and dad’s rules: After turning in the first version of her much-anticipated debut album, tentatively titled Dream Date, to her record label Downtown late last year, she’s now decided to overhaul much of the music and release it when she’s damn well ready.

Originally scheduled to arrive in September ’08, the album’s release date got pushed back twice, and her label even pressed advance copies for publicity purposes. While Kid Sister might have been unsatisfied with the final product, SPIN thought it was quite good, publishing a 4-star review of the soon-to-be-lost version of Dream Date in our December 2008 issue.

“I turned in the record initially because I was pressured by deadlines, but I didn’t feel good about it because it wasn’t done. I found myself saying, ‘I wish I hadn’t done that or this,'” she told “So, I petitioned the label heavily to take it back and do it the way I wanted to do it, and they were supportive of it. I want a body of work that really has my stamp on it, so, release dates be damned, I’ll turn it in when I’m ready.”

The rapper continued, stating she scrapped all but three or four of the original songs — but said she’s keeping “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” which features a cameo from pal and supporter Kanye West. Other high-profile names are expected on the release (which she told Pitchfork would be completed “in the next couple of months”), but one that definitely won’t appear, according to the artist, is Usher.

“The only thing on the radio I can’t stand right now is that Usher song ‘Trading Places,'” she said. “I fucking hate that song. It’s like he’s going on a date with a dude or something — he just sounds like a nerd. I can’t stand dudes singing about normal, everyday shit — unless it’s R. Kelly.”

She then went on to add, in little sister fashion, “I’m gonna fart on Usher! He deserves it!”?