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Amy Winehouse: “I’m Off Drugs and in Love”


Brit vocalist Amy Winehouse insists she’s sticking by her New Year’s resolution and claims to have been drug-free since the start of 2009.

Giving credit to rest and relaxation during a holiday break on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Winehouse told News of the World that she has been given a wake-up call, and as a result, has cut illegal substances out of her life.

“Here I feel so calm and peaceful and for the first time I can definitely say I am off the drugs. I haven’t touched anything since I arrived and I feel the best I have in years,” she said.

Of course, that doesn’t include refreshments of the legal variety. And Winehouse insists vacation libations are partially to thank for her newfound inspiration to start working on music again.

“All I’ve done is read books, sunbathe, and drink cocktails,” she said. “But it’s made me feel like concentrating on my career again. Most nights I’ve done a few songs on the piano for a laugh but I’m starting to think about recording again. I want to capture how happy I am right now in some new songs.”

And while the singer seems to have found some heaven on earth, she added that her life in London was exactly the opposite. “Home is hell for me. I’ve escaped from it. There are drugs everywhere. I can’t do anything without everyone thinking I’m off my head on drugs, although half the time they were right — I was,” she confessed. “Before I came out here I looked at a photo of myself in the newspaper and was horrified. I thought to myself, ‘Girl, you got to sort yourself out or you’ll be dead soon.'”

Winehouse also talked about her latest love interest, 21-year-old Josh Bowman. “When I’m with Josh I don’t need drugs to feel good because he makes me feel so amazing,” she said. “I’ve finally escaped from hell. I’m in love again and I don’t need drugs.”