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Winehouse’s Husband: “I’m Leaving to Save Her Life”


Romeo and Juliet who? Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are giving star-crossed lovers everywhere a run for their money with their domestic travails.

Fielder-Civil is currently undergoing a course of rehab as part of the terms for his early jail release. And he has delivered a tell-all interview to News of the World [via], talking specifically about his bad influence on Winehouse.

“Crack is the nastiest drug… and you can get hooked on it straight away,” he said. “But I was weak and an addict and I let Amy take some. It was heartbreaking, seeing someone you love more than yourself, someone you would die for, someone you would kill for on the floor shaking,” he said of witnessing her first drug-induced seizure. “We had been taking drugs all day long — heroin and crack.”

Fielder-Civil maintained that he was responsible for the Grammy-winner’s drug problems, saying, “Without me there is no doubt that she would never have gone down that road. I made the biggest mistake of my life by taking heroin in front of her.”

It is rumored that Winehouse has spoken to divorce lawyers in the wake of her husband’s release from jail. “Now I have to let her go to save her life,” Fielder-Civil stated [via]. “I am not abandoning her. I am doing this out of love.”