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Scott Weiland, a Babe, and a Rocket!


Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has had a pretty good run lately: Between a well-received new solo album,“Happy” In Galoshes, a kick-ass live performance, and an interview in this month’s issue of SPIN, one could say that the former ’90s alt-rock bad boy has finally gotten his shit together.

To which, we ask: What’s the deal with this strange, strange clip for Galoshes tune “Missing Cleveland”? With an overtly phallic rocket ship that Weiland obsesses over, a strange dream-like sequence where he inherits a baby, a gorilla in a naval uniform, and a mysterious blonde in various states of undress, we’re wondering if our coffee was drugged this morning. Check out the video below, and sound off on your interpretation in the comments section.

Watch: Weiland, “Missing Cleveland”