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MGMT Play Pilgrims on French TV


Sometimes, the rock’n’roll lifestyle forces bands to be far from home on special occasions like Thanksgiving, and such was the case for psych-poppers (and recent SPIN cover boys) MGMT this past week as their world tour cruised through Europe. But the designer duo didn’t leave the holiday spirit behind when they crossed the pond: During their Thanksgiving eve performance on French network Canal+, the band’s Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser dressed as pilgrims and invited an assortment of pretty girls and boys to cavort onstage in both pilgrim and Native American costumes. Watch the video below as MGMT performs “Kids” along with puppy-toting Pocahontases, pilgrims on Segways, and deep tissue massages. Seriously.

Watch: MGMT, “Kids” live on Canal+