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Metallica to Launch ‘Guitar Hero’ Game


Metallica and Pearl Jam have confirmed they are both entering the gaming arena.

Metallica’s long-rumored installment in the Guitar Hero franchise is due for release in the first half of next year, according to the metal maestros’ web site.Although a tracklist has yet to be announced (28 Metallic songs will be included), fans and gamers can expect special features, including an “Expert” difficulty level that will employ double-bass drum pedals, and an option to perform in venues famous in the band’s legacy, including Moscow’s Tushino Airfield where Metallica played to huge crowds in 1991. [Via]

Seattle grunge pioneers Pearl Jam, on the other hand, will make their landmark 1991 debut, Ten, available for playable download on Rock Band starting March 24, the same day the avalanche of Ten reissues hit stores.