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Kings of Leon Singer: “I Thought I Wasn’t Good Enough”

The Southern rocker talks about his body issues and aversion to bar fights.

No food after 8 P.M. Cayenne pepper and lemon. Special K three times a day. We all have our weight loss tricks. The Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has come clean about his own body issues in an interview with Q, revealing that in his younger days he often ran in extreme temperatures and jacked up his coffee intake to keep his weight down [via]. “I’d do anything to keep my hands and mouth busy without eating,” he said. “I always thought that I wasn’t good enough.”

He’s mellowed on the borderline-eating-disorder behavior. But apparently Followill still suffers from a few barroom insecurities: “I want to look like I can defend myself. I want a guy to look at me in a bar and know he can’t talk shit to me or run me over — even though he probably could,” he said.

Oh, Caleb. The Hanson brothers don’t want any trouble. The middle one just wants to know if you ever get mistaken for him when you wear your hair long– and, you know, if you might want to jam sometime.