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Keane and Kanye Collaborate


Paris is for lovers. So it makes sense that it was the place where mutual musical appreciators Keane and Kanye West first made sweet music together.

Earlier this year, Keane and Kanye shared an amazing “night in the studio” in Paris where they gushed about each other’s work. It sounds, like, totally dreamy. So much, in fact, that Keane’s infatuation with West hasn’t dissipated. And now the band has come up with their own tabloid nickname for the coupling: Keane-Ye.

Keane drummer Richard Hughes divulged the full story to BBC6: “Kanye was actually in the studio we were in when we started making this record [Perfect Symmetry]. We popped down to say hello because he’s always written nice things on his blog about us,” he said.

One thing led to another and before long the musicians were playing one another’s new albums for each other. It was so 8 Mile-goes-Rom-Com cinematic: “Suddenly he just stood up and it was like a classic moment you would imagine in a film,” Hughes continued. “He stands up and goes, ‘Grab me a mic,’ and someone runs off and get gets him one and plugs it in. Then he just went for it and it was very cool.”

In case there’s any confusion about what “went for it” means, Hughes is referring to West recording a rap over the band’s song, “You Haven’t Told Me Anything.”

And after getting a taste of West’s musical improvisations, the band is more than keen (sorry but we had to) for more. “I think Tim [Rice-Oxley] left another song with him that he wrote a little while back. It’s got a huge gap in it which is for a guest vocalist and we were hoping Kanye might take a run at that as well,” Hughes revealed before letting slip his true intentions: “Maybe we’ll do a little EP, call it Keane-Ye or something.”