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Exclusive Song: Brody Dalle’s Spinnerette


With her new group Spinnerette, former Distillers guitarist/vocalist Brody Dalle certainly “calls the shots.” And that fact is evident from the assured lyrics of “Ghetto Love,” a funky and riotous new track off Spinnerette’s forthcoming Ghetto Love EP: “I’m gonna win / I never give in / I’m a girl / I’m looking for love!”

With ragged punk grit and an almost industrial feel, “Ghetto Love” proves that Dalle hasn’t lost any edge from her Distiller days. “I brought in the bass line and the melody and (producer Alain Johannes) wrote some of the coolest guitar lines I’ve ever heard,” Dalle tells of the song’s creation. “It happened so fast, that within three hours we were going, ‘Holy shit! What did we do?’ drinking shots and dancing around his studio.”

Ghetto Love EP drops December 11 via

Listen: Spinnerette, “Ghetto Love”

Update (Dec. 11): Watch the “Ghetto Love” video!