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Courtney Love: “Britney Spears Copied Me”


Hole frontwoman and Kurt Cobain’s oft-zany widow Courtney Love is no stranger to throwing a tantrum or suffering from a mental and physical breakdown in the public eye. And now Love is claiming she invented the whole public meltdown bit and is accusing Britney Spears of having, like, totally copied her.

“I had a long, hard fall,” Love recently told Elle magazine [via]. “I set the stage for Britney to crash and burn. I went through it all first.” We’re backing you Courtney — you’ve always been a disaster. Amy Winehouse definitely owes you royalties, too.

Of course, Courtney’s not just talking to magazines. On Friday she posted another massive blog entry on her MySpace page, this time framing her litany of barbs and boasts around a Thanksgiving theme. You can read all of Love’s barely punctuated ramble on her MySpace blog, but here are some organized (and spell-checked!) highlights:
Courtney’s latest girl crushes:
Diablo Cody: She’s got the requisite comfy-in-her-own-skin. She’ll never wear half of what I’m making [Courtney’s long been rumored to be developing her own clothing line], but she’s got a major statuesque power.”
Julie Depardieu (French actress/daughter of actor Gerard): “Gerard Depardieu’s daughter is amazingly stylish in her ‘FUCK YOU ALL’ attitude.”
Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lindsey Way: “She looks like a Rosetti, and plays bass like a motherfucker.”
What Courtney’s thankful for this year:
– “Conor Oberst for being a great poet and cute to look at”
– “Missy Auf Der Mar for being the Duchess”
– “[Mark] Lanegan, Lucinda Williams, and Stevie Nicks for existing”
– “Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg for making television tolerable”
– “Noel Gallagher for making me laugh four times this year really hard”
On men and marriage:
– “I just wasted a decade on horrific men. I did an interview for Uncut with an incredibly lovely woman last night and she told me everyone wastes a decade. Is that possible? No more horrific men. Just golden ones, not almost-golden, is all I’ve got time for.”
– “As far as lovers, you don’t know about them. You won’t, so don’t ask. I didn’t get the memo on being indiscreet and I may drop a few fucking names but not about that part of my life. I do too many sit ups these days and squats to blow it by spilling the beans about who licks my legs. But put this way, should i remarry, and I’ve thought about it, it’ll be in a bamboo forest quietly and with no one but my closest, dearest friends and nary a photgrapher in the place. I didn’t get the memo about big white weddings though I am obsessed with the bridal culture in this country.”
On Ryan Adams, a frequent target of Courtney’s rants:
“I let that cretin touch my TITS? My majestic, fabulous TITS?”