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Coldplay Crib from Jeff Buckley, the Beatles

Chris Martin sounds off on his formative acts. Evidently, Joe Satriani isn't one of them.

Oh, Chris Martin. One would think, given Joe Satriani’s recent plagiarism accusations directed at Coldplay, that you’d try to keep your mouth shut about the artists you’ve “drawn inspiration from.”

In an interview with the BBC [via NME], Martin revealed that “Shiver,” a tune off Coldplay’s 2000 debut, Parachutes, was inspired by a certain crooner: “It’s a blatant Jeff Buckley attempt. We were 21 and he was very much a hero, and as with those things it tends to filter through.”

Martin also conceded that Viva La Vida single “Violet Hill” drew from the Beatles’ artistry, albeit in name only: “Violet Hill is a street and it joins Abbey Road — so it’s kind of a Beatles reference.” [Via]

Somewhere, Satriani is smiling from ear to ear, possibly printing this story and labeling it “Evidence Exhibit B.”