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Will Def Leppard Follow AC/DC to Wal-Mart?


With their recording contract set to expire, and major label “bean-counters” getting them down, Def Leppard are currently looking to Radiohead and the Eagles for career advice. “If Radiohead and the Eagles can go off and do it on their own, that’s an acceptable yardstick to measure our own chances by,” singer Joe Elliott told Australia’s The Age.

The chart-topping metal icons have made no secret of their disappointment with current label Universal, but it remains to be seen whether they follow the DIY, web-based model championed by Radiohead, strike an exclusive deal with a big-box retailer (as the Eagles and hard rock contemporaries AC/DC struck with Wal-Mart), or something entirely out of the box. Maybe Domino Sugar is looking for a new jingle?