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What? On New York dance-punk act the Rapture’s 2006 single “W.A.Y.U.H.,” vocalist Luke Jenner whines, “People don’t dance no more.” Two years later, he’s still wrong — and his Scottish brothers-in-sonic-arms Shitdisco are out to prove it with this week’s release of their U.S. debut, The Emanator. Comprised mostly of tracks from last year’s album Kingdom of Fear, The Emanator packs enough shouting dance anthems (“OK”) and skittering rave-ups (“Dream of Infinity”) to fill every club in Ibiza — or your basement, for that matter.

Who? While studying at the Glasgow School of Art in 2003, Joel Stone (bass/guitar/vocals), Joe Reeves (bass/guitar/vocals), Darren Cullen (drums), and Jan Lee (keyboard) formed Shitdisco to share their mutual love of, well, partying and dancing with the world — or at least their fellow students. Soon the band began holding free dances in a run-down house — dubbed “61” — in Glasgow. As crowds grew, so did the damage and soon Shitdisco was evicted. But the shows continued — in squats, streets, abandoned railway tunnels, shipping containers, caravans, and the homes of fans and concertgoers the band met while on tour. Somewhere in the maelstrom of all this hedonism, Shitdisco found the time to record The Emanator in the fall of 2006. Earlier this year, Lee left the band to chase his career as an illustrator. He was replaced by Tom Straughan (keyboards/backing vocals)

Fun Fact: Many fans have taken Shitdisco up on their offer to play any house party. And sometimes the band bring friends: The Rapture once joined Shitdisco in the living room of a house in Leeds, England to perform a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Listen: Shitdisco, “Reactor Party”