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Ryan Adams, Oasis: The Musical Feuds End!


Everyone takes notice when music heavyweights start talking smack. But what about when those trash talkers decide to play nice? Below, a recent collection of musical kindness. Can it be that Barack Obama is inspiring everyone?

Ryan Adams and Oasis: Turns out the guy who frequently complains about other people in the music industry is a huge fan of the guys who frequently complain about other people in the music industry. “I never miss Oasis,” said Ryan Adams, who recently opened for the Britpop legends. “That is a band I buy tickets for and I go and see. If Oasis are playing New York I’m at that concert. I’m in the line with everyone else,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “It was a perfect day for me supporting them because I was like, ‘Damn I get to play some music and I get to watch Oasis and I’m getting paid for it.'” Returning the compliment, sort of, the Gallaghers declined to bash Adams as a “poser,” “hillbilly,” or “singer of that dreadful song ‘Summer of ’69′”!

Kings of Leon and Glasvegas / She & Him: Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill isn’t easy to please. Which makes his recent comments to the New York Times about Glasvegas and She & Him so noteworthy:

On Glasvegas: “I can’t always understand what he’s saying — the Scottish accent — but the music they put behind it makes it really relevant. Somehow it makes sense.”

On She & Him: “I thought it was a promotional thing for a movie where [Zooey Deschanel is] a country singer. The song was so cute and so cool. Later I found out she was in a band, so I bought the record. It’s beautiful.”

Justin Timberlake and T-Pain: Though JT “doesn’t normally do this,” it seems he likes T-Pain’s song “Can’t Believe It” so much that he jumped on the remix. “We actually met, like, six months ago. I was at the studio in Miami working on my album, and he was in the room next door,” Pain texted (yes, texted!) to MTV News. “He came to my room, and I played him some records from the album, and he said ‘Can’t Believe It’ was his favorite song I ever did.” A sampling of JT’s contribution: “Your love is built like a drug, and I don’t want to be sober.”

Kanye West and Michael Jackson: “Think about how much Michael Jackson has done for us, and every time you bring up Michael Jackson, usually people are joking about him,” West recently told MTV. “I’m one step away from Michael Jackson.”