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Paramore’s Hayley Williams: “I’m In Love With a Vampire”


Hayley Williams’ band Paramore just won mtvU’s Woodie of the Year and currently sits atop the charts with the Twilight soundtrack. But that doesn’t mean she can resist the fangs of the vampire series’ main character Edward: “I’m in love with a vampire,” she tells

And it’s this affection for the Stephenie Meyer-penned vampire novels and their characters that influenced “Decode,” Paramore’s contribution to the film’s soundtrack. “I was definitely pulling from things I read in the book,” Williams said. “There’s a few references. They might be a little bit vague, but I think that people who read the books will get them.”

“When I was on the second and third books, Jacob was my favorite, and everyone, like, hates Jacob for whatever reason,” Williams explained. “But I gotta say, I love Bella, because I feel like she’s a very complex and beautiful person… I felt like I connected with Bella reading the stories … mostly [due to] the fact that [she’s in love with Edward].

However, there’s just one problem — Williams hasn’t completed the entire series yet. “I’m finishing up Breaking Dawn right now, I’ve got five chapters to go,” she said. “It’s tough, though! Now that I’m home I can’t sit down and finish it … but I’m going to before the film.”

Twilight, the movie, hits theaters November 21.

Watch: Paramore’s video for “Decode”