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ODB’s Mom: “My Son Would’ve Grabbed the Mic at Obama Rally”


Last week marked the four-year anniversary of Wu-Tang rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s death by heart attack from an accidental overdose, and his mother Cherry Jones took the opportunity to call out a few people she believes are not honoring her son’s memory in the right way [via].

On her list: Lawyer Robert Shapiro, who briefly defended ODB, author Jaime Low, who penned the new ODB biography, Digging for Dirt, and most notably her son’s widow, whom she believes has mismanaged his estate — and is blocking his final album from being released.

“I hope next year my son’s final album will be released for the fifth Anniversary of his passing,” she said. “It pains me to have to write this on the day of his passing but I needed to address this.”

In closing she added that ODB would’ve been excited for Obama’s victory. “I know my son would have been at that rally in Chicago when the first African American President was elected and I’m sure he would have gone up on stage and grabbed the microphone as only he could.”