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Nas and Will.i.Am Unveil New Obama Songs


What do you get for the man who has everything? And by “everything” we mean, the most power in the free world, a new mansion, and a soon-to-be-purchased new puppy. Well, if you’re Will.i.Am or Nas, you record him a new song.

Despite being in Norway yesterday when the official results were pouring in, Nas recorded “Election Night,” his anthem for Barack Obama. It seems the song was inspired by one of his own tunes, producer DJ Green Lantern told MTV News: “I’m currently on tour in Europe with Nas and we were at dinner last night talking about how crazy it is that we’re not in the states on Election Day. Someone quoted his verse from ‘Black President,’ when he said ‘What’s the Black Prez thinkin’ on Election Night?’ And Nas said, ‘Set up the mic — I’m gonna speak on that.’ And the result is ‘Election Night.'”

Nas, “Election Night”

Meanwhile, Black Eyed Peas MC Will.i.Am, who has sung about Obama almost as much as Gwen Stefani has sung about Gavin Rossdale, has produced yet another tune about the Illinois Democrat. Tentatively titled “It’s a New Day,” the track will be released later today [via].

By the way, did everyone catch Will’s journey across space and time in hologram form last night on CNN? Yeah, that’s right — check out the video below and see Anderson Cooper interview a holographic version of Will on CNN’s Election Night set: