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Meese Rock Whiskey-Warmed Crowd in Colorado

Local up-and-comers play Boulder's B Side Lounge at SPIN/Knob Creek sponsored party.

Up-and-coming pop band Meese rocked a boozy crowd in Boulder, Tuesday night (November 18). The event began with a Knob Creek whiskey tasting led by the Knob Creek’s “whiskey professor” David Mays. Following the gratis bourbon tasting, catchy tunesmiths Meese, recently signed to Atlantic Records, took the stage for the invite-only crowd.

The band quickly charmed the room with songs from their debut EP, The Start of It. Poised to be next year’s breakout act, Meese has opened for bands including Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Phantom Planet.Check out our photos from the event!

Meese / Photo by Eric Syl Gruneisen

Meese / Photo by Eric Syl Gruneisen

Enjoying The Knob Creek Tasting Pre-Show / Photo by Eric Syl Gruneisen

Meese With the Knob Creek Whiskey Professor David Mays / Photo by Eric Syl Gruneisen