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Gang Gang Dance Collaborate with Wu-Tang Clan


Lo-fi electro-rockers Gang Gang Dance are in talks to collaborate with the Wu-Tang Clan. “(GZA) keeps calling our management wanting to collaborate but we haven’t actually met him yet,” keyboardist Brian DeGraw told BBC Radio 1, adding, “we would absolutely love to work with him though. It would be amazing.”

But that doesn’t mean they’re ready for a face-to-face just yet. Singer Liz Bougatsos confessed to her stage fright: “My manager called and said ‘Do you want to meet him for tea?’ but I was too nervous,” she explained. “Obviously I would love to get in the studio with GZA but we haven’t really had a chance to really solidify a track for him yet. I would like to work with him on the lyrics. That would be sick. He’s like the Godfather.”

Gang Gang Dance, who just released their fourth album, Saint Dymphna, are already hard at work on the follow-up. “I haven’t really listened to Dymphna that much because we’ve been busy with this new one,” DeGraw said. “We just wanted to go straight into the studio because of the chaotic nature of the last album. We’ve got five songs for it already and we’re going to start recording in January. I think the next record will be more specific sounding.”