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A Dozen Bands Protest Burberry Furs


When you’re in the market for some anti-fur campaigners of the musical variety, where better to start than with those who share a name with the critters? The Super Furry Animals and the Wombats top the list of bands who have signed the Peta2 petition to pressure Burberry into cutting fur from their collection [via].

The youth-oriented offshoot of PETA has also roped in the Los Campesinos!, the Rakes, the Maccabees, Good Shoes, Jack Peñate, Friendly Fires, Jamie T, the Courteeners, and Art Brut for their campaign. In a rare moment of seriousness, Art Brut’s frontman Eddie Argos said, “I don’t understand why anyone would wear fur. Everyone knows how animals are killed for their fur is brutal — it all comes down to vanity, which is pretty sad.”

But just because they love animals and bands named after animals, that doesn’t mean Peta2 can’t sum up some brutality of their own. After listing their supporters, the organization calls out Bryan Ferry for modeling for Burberry with a dig that sounds penned by Derek Zoolander. “In the Burberry corner, we have, umm … oh, what’s his name? You know, that old bloke from “Poxy Music” or “Roxy Music” or whatever and his fox-hunting son.” Dis.