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Diego Luna Talks Rock’n’Roll Faves


Diego Luna, co-star of one of the fall’s most anticipated films — he plays Jack Lira, the troubled boyfriend of San Francisco gay rights activist Harvey Milk, in Gus Van Sant’s hotly-tipped Milk — also loves rock’n’roll. The Mexican actor, profiled in the new issue of SPIN, shares some of his all-time faves, from childhood through the recent birth of his first child.

“I would pretty much like to forget the music that happened to me between the ages of eight and 11, so I’m going to say the first album I bought was the special edition of Dark Side of the Moon,” Luna says. “My dad was a theater designer, and I spent a lot of time hanging around the dressing room listening to whatever the actors were listening to, which is where I heard Pink Floyd for the first time.”

More recently, Luna discovered prog-rockers the Mars Volta. “The first time I heard the Mars Volta, I had a feeling I was experiencing something that people must have felt when they first heard Led Zeppelin,” he says. “They have the same kind of power.”

And just this year, Luna got into New Zealand’s musical comedy team and TV stars Flight of the Conchords. While waiting out the last days of his wife’s pregnancy, he passed the time watching the first two seasons of Flight of the Conchords’ HBO series. “The humor is so stupid, I can laugh for hours,” Luna says. “It just proves that you don’t need much to make good television. In fact, he’d like to join in: “I hope one day they need a Mexican on their show!”

Read more about Diego Luna’s favorite things in the December issue of SPIN, out now.

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