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Dave Grohl Collaborates with the Prodigy!


Just ask Queens of the Stone Age: When Dave Grohl offers to be in your band, you put him in your band. “Dave emailed us to see what we were up to and offered his services,” the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett told Kerrang! of the collaboration. “It was really inspiring. It’s definitely the most venomous track on the album. Wicked.”

Grohl’s skills are showcased on the track “Run With the Wolves,” and while the song could very well be the highlight of the album (entitled Invaders Must Die and due for release in March), Howlett is supremely confident in the record as a whole. “All fucking bands say their new record’s their best, but this just feels really triumphant for us,” he said. “It’s on fire. It’s all about the three of us together and what we can do. You know what we deal with: it’s beats in a predominantly electronic style and it’s full of fucked-up guitars!”